Join Me to Develop a Team

Having successfully established the practice in Epping, Wollert, Mernda and surrounding, we have developed a regular client base that most of our clients have been with us for over two years. We have developed a reputation and a network of referrers. We receive regular new referrals and our waiting list is growing.

Being empathetic towards families facing long waiting time, Jo decided to develop a team to benefit more children and families through our support. 

Love Your Work

Being a therapist herself, Jo is mindful of the risk of burnout. At Blossom, we work on a realistic caseload with time dedicated to professional development, team development days, regular supervision and regular team meeting. Flexible work arrangement is available to all staff members.
* Realistic achievable workload (decided WITH you and based on your skills and experience)
* Flexible work arrangement
* Client allocation according to your interests, specialities, professional development plan and personalities
* Team Learning and Development Days (2.5 days/year) for learning, growing and bonding as a team

Grow and Excel

Grow and excel are our values. We support our clients' growth by investing time and energy in your growth. Time and budget is dedicated to professional development for you to pursue your interests and specialities. Shadowing and joint session opportunities will be provided for you to work together and learn from each other. You will get in-house supervision and mentoring. If we can't meet your needs, paid external supervision and mentoring can be negotiated.
* dedicated professional development time and budget
* bonus system to contribute to your extra professional development time and budget
* in house regular learning opportunities
* minimum of monthly supervision
* mentoring opportunities

Belonging, Being and Becoming

Orientation is a process, not just a day or a month! You will be gently introduced to the team with support tailored to your skills and experience. You have a buddy to guide and support you to navigate the workplace, systems and suburbs you might visit. Shadowing and joint sessions will be arranged to support you better understand the whole work process and experience the unique culture and personal connection that we have at Blossom. These are great opportunities to get to know your team more.
You will get an Orientation Guidelines which guides you through the company culture, our approaches, key skills and knowledge to develop.
* progressive build up of caseload
* weekly supervision
* monthly staff review
* shadowing and joint visits
* 1:1 technical and system support