Policies and Procedures

Important information you need to know

Policy Purpose

  • to sustain the provision of quality services to all clients by:
    • keeping the number of clients seen each day manageable
    • allowing time to adequately prepare for a session and to reflect after a session
    • allowing time to document after a session in compliance with professional guidelines

Impacts of Cancellations

  • time spent in preparing for your session is lost
  • time reserved for you may not be filled by another family results in less families get supported
  • lose income, which directly impacting on the sustainability in providing a high quality service as it limits future investments in staff and resources. At times, staff’s paid can be impacted.

Bookings and payments

  • bookings can be confirmed verbally by phone or face to face, or by writing through text or email.
  • the fee for your sessions are agreed verbally prior to the initial session and formally confirmed in writing in our initial session.
  • fees must be paid in full before the date of the session or within 7 days of invoiced

Cancellations, changes to appointments and no shows

  • we will accept cancellations up to 12pm the day before your session verbally by phone, in writing by texting or emailing.
  • cancellation fee applies when you fail to attend, cancel or reschedule a session by or before 12 pm the day before your session
  • if you fail to attend two or more sessions, we reserve the right to allocate your chosen day/time to other families. You are reminded that after school and Saturday sessions are in demand.
  • if we need to cancel a session, we will let you know as soon as possible and reschedule the next appointment. No compensations to be sought.

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