To be list …

To be list …

When preparing for the lock down, we saw the sales of grocery, toys (like puzzles, board games), craft supply, home improvement supply shot up. The media showed us DIY projects, activity ideas, recipes to add to the to do list. I had my “to do list” too.

Anthony, Abby’s principal, shared a short video when school closed early before Easter. He showed us another list – the To Be List. He got me thinking! What do I want to be? What do I want life to be (in lock down)? How to be what I what to be?

Anthony’s suggestions for the students are

  • to be a great child for parents
  • to be a great friend
  • to be a responsible citizen (staying home)
  • to be someone who looks after ourselves and others
  • be someone you are proud of
  • be someone your parents are proud of

Anthony asked the students to

  • not sit at the desk all day
  • have fun, have a good balance
  • help parents cook
  • learn to do the washing
  • learn to sew a button
  • help in the backyard

I showed Abby the video and was going to write our to be list, which we never did. However looking back at the last 4 weeks, Abby has lived the to be list Anthony had for the students! She is doing exactly Anthony asked the students to. I am very proud of her!

Today, an email from Tara Mohr (Tara is my inspiration!) on Dealing with Fears and Core Values reminded me about my To Be List. I have been distracted by the confusion, changes, chaos, uncertainties, worries. I have to get myself back on track and work much harder on my To Be List to live the core values in my life!

I would like to challenge you in starting your To Be List!! Join me!

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